Sharp sand for artificial grass

Sharp sand for artificial grass

sharp sand for artificial grass
sharp sand for artificial grass
sharp sand for artificial grass

When installing artificial grass or turf, one of the most commonly used infill materials is sharp sand. Here are some key points about using sharp sand as infill for artificial grass:

What is Sharp Sand?

  • Sharp sand refers to coarse, gritty sand with angular particles rather than smooth, rounded grains.
  • It is made by crushing larger rocks or quarry materials down to a sandy consistency.
  • The angular, sharp edges help the sand particles interlock and resist compaction.

Benefits as Artificial Turf Infill:

  • Provides weight to anchor the turf fibers and keep them upright
  • The angular shape helps the infill resist displacement during heavy use
  • Sharp sand is extremely durable and resists breaking down over time
  • Allows for excellent drainage when combined with the turf’s perforated backing

Application Process:

  • After the artificial turf is installed, the sharp sand infill is spread evenly over the surface
  • It is then brushed vigorously into the turf fibers using special machines
  • Typical installation calls for 2-3 lbs of sand per square foot
  • Sand fills in around the tufted fibers down to the backing


  • Sand infill can get displaced over time and require top-up applications
  • The surfaces need regular brushing to keep the infill material worked into the fibers
  • Sand may need replenishment every few years depending on usage

While crumb rubber is another common infill option, sharp sand provides an affordable and long-lasting alternative, especially for outdoor artificial grass applications. The sharp particles help create a stable, well-draining surface.

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