What is Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall?

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What is Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall?

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall
Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall

An artificial boxwood hedge wall is a decorative landscaping feature that mimics the look of a neatly trimmed, dense boxwood hedge, but is made from artificial materials instead of live plants. Here are some key points about artificial boxwood hedge walls:


  • Typically made from UV-resistant polyethylene or polyurethane materials designed to look like boxwood foliage.
  • The artificial hedge panels or sections interlock or connect together to form a continuous “hedge” wall.


  • Requires no maintenance like watering, trimming, or dealing with pests/disease.
  • Can be installed in areas that are not ideal for growing live hedges.
  • Provides year-round greenery and consistent neat appearance.
  • Many are designed to be very realistic looking from a distance.


  • Initial cost can be higher than live hedges, but lower long-term maintenance costs.
  • Not all artificial hedges look completely natural up close.
  • Some warranties for higher quality products range from 5-25 years for UV resistance.
  • Easy to install by staking into the ground or mounting on a fence/wall.

Artificial boxwood hedges allow homeowners and businesses to achieve the classic look and privacy of manicured hedges without the landscaping maintenance required for live plants. They have become a popular option for borders, backdrops, and privacy screens.

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