How to refresh fake grass?

How to refresh fake grass?

how to refresh fake grass
how to refresh fake grass
how to refresh fake grass

Here are some effective ways to refresh and revive artificial or fake grass:

Brushing/Raking One of the simplest methods is to give the grass a good brushing with a stiff-bristled brush or rake. This helps stand up the fibers and redistribute any infill material.

  • Use a push broom or power broom to brush against the grain of the fibers
  • A synthetic turf rake can also be used to lightly lift and loosen the grass

Decompaction Over time, heavy use can compact the turf fibers down. A decompaction process helps reinvigorate the grass pile.

  • Use a decompaction rake or machine with rigid tines to aggressively lift the fibers back up
  • This allows any trapped infill to be redistributed between the grass fibers

Infill Top-Dressing Adding a thin top-dressing of new infill material like sand or rubber can instantly refresh old, weathered turf.

  • Brush the new infill deeply into the fibers using a power broom
  • This replaces any compacted/degraded infill and weights down the pile

Power Vacuuming A thorough vacuuming with a powerful vacuum helps remove any built-up debris, dust or old infill trapped at the base.

  • Use a vacuum with a beater brush to agitate and lift the grass fibers
  • Dispose of the old trapped debris for a cleaner refreshed look

Heating/Re-Straightening For extremely matted or bent fibers, using a specialized heating technique can help re-straighten them.

  • Apply moisture and heat to the grass using special equipment
  • Allows the turf ribbons to relax and be re-brushed upright

With some combination of brushing, decompaction, cleaning and infill replenishment, even older artificial grass can regain a refreshed, revitalized look close to new again. Consistent periodic maintenance is key.

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