How to lay fake grass on real grass?

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How to lay fake grass on real grass?

how to lay fake grass on real grass
how to lay fake grass on real grass
how to lay fake grass on real grass

Laying artificial grass directly over an existing real grass lawn is possible, but requires some preparation. Here are the typical steps:

1. Mow and Clear Lawn
– Mow the existing real grass as low as possible, around 1-2 inches high
– Remove any debris, sticks, rocks etc from the lawn surface

2. Kill Existing Grass
– Apply a non-selective vegetation killer like glyphosate herbicide
– Allow enough time for the grass and roots to fully die off, usually 2-4 weeks

3. Compact the Surface
– Once the grass is dead, go over the area with a lawn roller to compact the soil
– This will help prevent any upheaval of the artificial grass later on

4. Install Weed Barrier
– Put down a weed barrier fabric over the entire area to prevent new growth
– Overlap seams by 6-12 inches and stake into the ground

5. Lay the Base
– Install a 1-2 inch base layer of crushed rock or granite screening
– This provides drainage and a level surface for the artificial grass

6. Unroll the Turf
– Roll out the artificial grass being careful to avoid wrinkles
– Place the turf backing plastic side down against the rock base
– Stagger seams in a brick pattern rather than lining them up

7. Secure the Edges
– Secure the turf perimeter with stakes, landscaping fabric pins or pressure treated wood
– Add more crushed rock over the turf backing along the edges for support

8. Add Infill
– Spread the recommended infill (rubber/sand) over the installed turf
– Power broom it in thoroughly to weigh down the turf fibers

9. Seam Joining
– Use specialized artificial grass seaming tape and adhesive to join any seams
– Ensure seams are as tight and smooth as possible

Going over an existing lawn can save time versus removing the sod. But killing and compacting the old grass first is crucial for a smooth, level installation.

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