Understanding Fake Grass Installation Costs

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Understanding Fake Grass Installation Costs

Fake Grass Installation Costs
Fake Grass Installation Costs
Fake Grass Installation Costs

Installing artificial turf can transform a lackluster yard into a lush, low-maintenance oasis. But what exactly does it cost to install fake grass? Here’s an overview of the key price factors.

The national average range for professional synthetic turf installation is $8 – $20 per square foot. Simple DIY projects cost $4 – $8 per square foot. High-end landscaping grasses installed can run up to $30 per square foot.

Some elements that impact the overall installation costs include:

– Surface Prep – Basic compaction is cheaper than excavation, grading and substrate installation for drainage. Complex sites cost more.

– Materials – Low-pile polyethylene and nylon grass is most affordable. Higher-end options with thatch and padding are pricier.

– Accessories – Built-in weed barrier, seam tape, infill and edge trim increase costs.

– Site Size – Larger areas over 2,000 sq ft qualify for volume discounts. Small spaces under 500 sq ft are more per square foot.

– Layout – Simple rectangular shapes are quicker to install than complex multilevel designs with curves.

– Labor – Hiring a professional crew is pricier than DIY but delivers better results.

– Disposal Fees – Removal and disposal of your original lawn/dirt also adds costs.

– Location – Higher labor rates in major metro areas like NYC or LA increase prices.

Be sure to get an itemized quote accounting for each step – materials, labor, site prep, accessories, disposal, etc. Price shopping and negotiating can help find the best value. Investing in quality fake grass is worth the cost.

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