The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pool Deck Surfacing

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The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Pool Deck Surfacing

artificial turf for pool deck
artificial turf for pool deck
artificial turf for pool deck

As outdoor living spaces continue increasing in popularity, homeowners are looking for more versatile and low-maintenance surfacing options around their pools. Artificial turf checks all the boxes, providing a plush, attractive, and functional bordering for pool decks and surrounding areas.

Unlike traditional grass which requires constant upkeep, artificial turf designed specifically for pool environments remains lush and vibrant with minimal care. It withstands constant heavy foot traffic and water exposure without becoming torn or worn down. The turf’s specialized drainage backup minimizes puddling so areas remain usable after a cannonball splash.

Safety is another major advantage of artificial turf pool decks compared to hard paving options like concrete or stone. The turf’s cushioned backing creates a softer, more forgiving surface that can provide some forgiveness in the event of slips or falls in the wet pool area. The blades also remain cooler underfoot in direct sunlight.

For pool owners who want to merge their outdoor oasis with the backyard lawn space, artificial turf creates a seamless transition. Premium turf varieties mimic the plush, natural look and feel of a lush green grass while avoiding the mowing, watering and chemical treatments required for real grass. The turf can smoothly surround any shape pool and links to existing natural or artificial lawn areas.

Artificial turf for pools leads to lower maintenance costs compared to other surfaces, with no need for seasonal replanting or treatments. Most turf products have built-in antimicrobial protection and can be easily cleaned by brushing away debris or hosing down the surface as needed. Many are also treated to resist staining and fading from chlorine, salt water, and sun exposure.

With its durability, low maintenance requirements, and year-round pristine appearance, artificial turf offers the ultimate poolscape solution. It elevates both the safety and luxury of outdoor pool areas while providing optimal drainage and cushioned comfort underfoot. Families can spend more time enjoying their backyard resort and less time on upkeep.

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