Does artificial grass smell with dogs ?

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Does artificial grass smell with dogs ?

Does artificial grass smell with dogs
Does artificial grass smell with dogs
Does artificial grass smell with dogs

Artificial grass is a common garden décor material with advantages such as durability and ease of maintenance. For pet owners, artificial grass can also prevent pets from dirtying the lawn, reducing the hassle of cleaning.

So, will artificial grass smell because of dogs? The answer is yes.

The urea in dog urine decomposes into ammonia, which has a strong pungent odor. If dog urine stays on artificial grass for a long time, it will lead to the accumulation of ammonia, resulting in a foul odor.


In addition, if the drainage of artificial grass is poor, it will also cause dog urine to be unable to be discharged in time, thus increasing the risk of odor.

So, how to avoid artificial grass from smelling because of dogs?

Here are some tips:

  • Regularly clean the artificial grass. If your dog pees on the artificial grass, immediately rinse it with water.
  • Choose artificial grass with good drainage. Artificial grass with good drainage can help to discharge dog urine in time, thereby reducing odor production.
  • Use pet urine cleaner. Pet urine cleaner can effectively remove urea from dog urine, thereby preventing the production of ammonia.

In addition, you can also consider setting up a dog toilet on the artificial grass. This can help dogs develop the habit of defecating in a fixed area, thereby reducing odor production.

In conclusion, whether artificial grass will smell because of dogs is related to the quality of artificial grass, cleaning and maintenance, and usage methods. By taking appropriate measures, you can effectively reduce odor production and keep the artificial grass fresh and pleasant.

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