diy putting green cheap

diy putting green cheap

diy putting green cheap
diy putting green cheap
diy putting green cheap

Creating an Affordable Backyard Putting Green on a Budget

Avid golfers know that consistent putting practice is key for improving your short game. But golf club fees and green access can add up quickly. For a convenient and cheap alternative, you can build your own backyard putting green using basic materials and a bit of elbow grease. Follow these steps to create a functional DIY putting green without breaking the bank.

Plan the Size and Layout
A standard putting green is about 10 feet wide by 16 feet long, but available space may determine your size. Sketch ideas for the layout – include contours and breaks to add challenge. Position it on a flat section of yard with sunlight and away from obstructions.

Gather Essential Supplies
For a 10×16 feet putting green, you’ll need approximately 200-250 square feet of artificial turf, a turf underlayment, 16-20 lbs of silica sand, primer/adhesive, and basic tools. Check recycled building supply stores for discounted artificial grass remnants to save money. The underlayment provides a smooth foundation.

Prepare the Base
Remove grass/debris and level the soil. Compact down 2-3 inches of gravel, followed by a thin layer of sand. This creates a flat, porous base for drainage. Apply turf primer to help the artificial grass adhere.

Install the Turf Underlayment
Roll out underlayment over the prepared base. Using a razor knife, cut pieces to fit together snugly and cover the area with no gaps. Staple edges in place. This provides cushioning and helps reduce imperfections showing through the artificial turf.

Lay the Artificial Turf
Unroll the turf over the underlayment. Trim to fit using a utility knife. Spread silica sand infill and brush in to stand blades up. Adhere edges with liquid turf adhesive or turf staples.

Add Putting Green Elements
Use a sod cutter or hole saw to create the cup. Paint foam pool noodles black for bumpers. Add breaks and contours with angled boards covered in extra turf pieces. Get creative within your budget!

With a DIY sensibility, you can construct an artificial putting green at a fraction of the cost of professional installation. Spending time practicing in your own backyard improves skills while enjoying the outdoors.

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