Forest-Inspired Library Transforms with Artificial Grass at St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy

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St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy in Bentilee has unveiled a captivating forest-themed library, where the spotlight is on the innovative use of artificial grass. This imaginative design invites students into a nature-inspired reading retreat, encouraging relaxation and a love for books.

Artificial grass for libraries

Nature’s Touch: The library’s enchanting atmosphere is set against a giant photo showcasing the beauty of a forest. Adding a tactile element, artificial grass is thoughtfully integrated, creating a seamless connection to the outdoors within the library space.

Synthetic Serenity: Artificial grass, meticulously laid out, serves as a serene carpet beneath the students’ feet. Beyond its visual appeal, this synthetic greenery brings a touch of nature to the library, fostering a tranquil environment conducive to reading.

Whimsical Seating: To complement the forest aesthetic, whimsical toadstool and log seating arrangements dot the library. These charming elements not only add a sense of magic but also provide comfortable nooks for students to lose themselves in a good book.

Minimal Maintenance, Lasting Appeal: The incorporation of artificial grass goes beyond design flair; it aligns with practicality. Its low-maintenance nature ensures a lasting, lush green floor without the challenges associated with natural grass.

Reading Retreat: Focused on creating a reading retreat, the library offers a carefully curated collection of fiction and non-fiction. The forest-themed setting aims to transport students into the world of literature, providing a unique and immersive reading experience.

Imaginations Awakened: Early impressions from students like Dominik Sorocins indicate excitement about the design. The artificial grass, paired with the virtual forest backdrop, sparks the imagination and curiosity of young readers, creating an inviting space for exploration.

forest-themed library


Conclusion: In summary, the forest-themed library at St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy showcases the transformative impact of artificial grass in educational spaces. With its emphasis on simplicity, practicality, and the enchantment of nature, this design ensures that the library becomes not just a place for reading but a serene haven for students to escape into the wonders of literature.

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